About - Covvered

The Covvered Story

From humble beginnings

The story began when our founder, Shane Frith, moved with his family into their new home. Swamped with purchase receipts, warranty forms, and manuals for many new appliances and household goods, he knew there had to be a better way to keep track of it all – so Covvered was born!

Made for everyone

Now with the app available for both iOS and Android that tracks purchases and receipts, offering reminders on returns periods, warranties and insurance, we are a full team behind constantly improving and updating ways Covvered can help you.

Looking forward

We’re partnering with a whole host of service providers to make life that bit easier. We’ve teamed up to bring you the best whole-of-market insurance quotes. Our forthcoming partnerships mean you can arrange for appliance spares and repairs at the touch of a button. Stay tuned for our exciting next chapter!

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    Meet the Team

    A group of highly skilled and experienced professionals.

    Gary Collett
    Shane Frith
    Founder & COO
    Mark Greenburgh
    Legal Counsel
    Lorren Wyatt
    Strategic Advisor
    Jennifer Dawn Williams
    Marketing Manager
    Kieran Bennett
    Marketing assistant